Vocal Coaching

Charmaine knows great coaching. Growing up, Charmaine studied with Toronto’s fabulous Elaine Overholt. In recent years, Charmaine found such great success in her own voice with the world-renowned “Singing Success” program by Nashville’s Brett Manning that she just had to study with the man behind the method. Creator of the world’s #1 best-selling vocal training product and coach to winners of the CMA awards, the Doves, and the Grammys, Brett is one of the world’s most sought-after vocal coaches. In the spring of 2011, Charmaine was accepted into Brett’s prestigious vocal coaching program and studied extensively in Nashville, Tennessee with Brett and his incredible master coaches.

She is now Canada’s first and only certified Singing Success Associate and teaches the world-renowned Singing Success Method — which has been proven to dramatically expand the range and improve the tonal quality of the voice. This technique gets results! Many students achieve dramatic results in just a few lessons, or even in their first lesson. Her desire is to help every aspiring singer—whether you want to improve your singing in the shower or win a Grammy—take command of your voice and your confidence. Whether it’s pop, rock, country, musical theatre, or classical, by developing a balanced “mix” voice, you will be able to sing any genre you want with freedom, confidence, and ease.

A self-professed “vocal geek”, Charmaine has both a great knowledge of the human voice and an intense passion to help her students achieve breakthroughs and experience freedom, power, and confidence in their singing voices. Her incredible ability to inspire other singers and help them achieve their goals is what will make her your first choice for all your vocal coaching needs.