Typical Workshop Topics

Learn revolutionary vocal techniques to get your voice in shape and start hitting those power notes you’ve always wanted to! In a group setting, vocalists learn ways to warm up their voices and techniques to make their singing more relaxed, controlled, powerful, and compelling. You’ll be amazed as Charmaine demonstrates the incredible Singing Success exercises—the same ones used by the pros! Volunteers in these group masterclasses are consistently blown away by what comes out of their own mouths!

Getting rid of the solo mentality and learning to be a TEAM player. This interactive workshop builds on the Vocal Technique class, and is designed to assist worship team vocalists with blending as a team of singers, singing harmony on a worship team, cultivating a heart of worship and a team attitude, stage presence and worship leading dynamics.

This is a hands-on interactive workshop where musicians and vocalists can try things out onstage and receive feedback in real time. Topics include: stage presence, arranging songs and set lists, playing with dynamics, worship leading and transitions.

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Charmaine is Canada's only accredited Singing Success Associate Vocal Coach, trained under master coach Brett Manning in Nashville.